“The most direct impression that Guo Xianzhong’s paintings offer me is the great variety of their styles, which probably comes from the genuineness of his spirit and the naturalness of his expression. The true art is always abundant in its colourful variations and constant changes. After over half a century’s endeavour in his art, Mr. Guo has obviously achieved the complete freedom which allows him unlimited space to unchain his artistic imagination.”

Lin Mu. Famous art critic, professor of Sichuan Univerty 

“Guo Xianzhong has possessed his very own artistic language – this is not easy. He does not stick to conventional painting techniques; rather, he masters the principles and paints according to his own feeling. He has converted the traditions into his personal style, and each of his paintings is different.”

Li Wenxin. Professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

“Mr. Guo’s paintings have come from rules to no rules, and combined traditions and reality, not restricted to conventions.”

Du Xianqing. Professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

“Guo Xianzhong is very open-minded and receptive. He incorporates painting, calligraphy and seal together, which is adorable.”

Ma Ding. Famous cartoonist

“In the field of art, China has had her poetic genius, painting genius, and Guo Xianzhong is certainly a genius – a unique one, full of free spirit.”

Bai Desong. Dean and professor of the Traditional Chinese Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

“Guo Xianzhong’s capacity and achievements are attributed to his objective attitude in understanding the differentiations of Chinese and western cultures. He uses traditional Chinese ink, equipped with western color theories, to instill color into ink and ink into color, even break the boundaries of ink and color, thus creates a brand new media.

These recent landscape works of Guo’s are not typical traditional Chinese paintings, but a new type of Chinese paintings with a traditional flavor. His way of thinking, his skill and his fashion are typically Chinese. On that account, his paintings are modern Chinese paintings, not the continuation of the traditional literati painting.”

He Zi. Famous fine arts theorist, professor of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute  

“Under Mr. Guo’s brush, tropical forests washed by strong sunlight are developed into a group of abstract and bizarre colors. On Hainan Island, life honestly expresses its beauty without reservation. Life’s spirit is no longer an assumption, but a vision. This vision, when it arrives at Mr. Guo, naturally becomes a way of painting.”

Kong Jian. Famous scholar, chairman of Hainan Province Writers Association (See Capture the Moment for a full review)

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