Guo Xianzhong’s landscape paintings combine western and eastern painting techniques to create a colorful, passionate art world, full of life and energy. The usage of thick hue and strong contrast are impressive. His style varies greatly with an unruly manner, as if from many different artists. Wild pineapples on beaches, coconut trees under clouds, red woods at dawn, plump cacti… under Mr. Guo’s brush, all these are transformed into passionate paintings. These paintings appear unorthodox in color and stroke, like scribbling or scrawling, but when viewed as a whole are quite harmonious. People sometimes feel his works are like a newborn baby, opening its eyes, seeing the world for the first time. Life is fully eulogized by the artist’s brush.

10 Responses to “Landscape”

  1. Farkle333 says:

    This is so beautiful, the more I see it the more I like it!

  2. renadamsart says:

    Exquisite in every way.

  3. BrokenQuiet says:

    Beautiful~~~ 🙂

  4. MarcusPoole says:

    “Last Shoal of Jialing River” might be my favorite from your gallery. The flatness of the terrain (lack of hills and canyons and such) stood out to me for some reason.

  5. frogiedancer says:

    Beautiful colors

  6. Deadklepto says:

    your paintings are really beautiful!

  7. MHyland says:

    It was a joy browsing your work. I’m really drawn toward your landscapes. The brush strokes and colors are mesmerizing.

  8. rachel says:

    It touches my heart, softens everying, I love the gallary.

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