Guo Xianzhong’s calligraphy works is a giant step forward from conventional Chinese ones, which are way more conservative. People are amazed at how deviant and wayward his style is, while breathing an unstoppable power coming from those thick dancing strokes. As a specialist in painting, Mr. Guo adopts painting skills in his calligraphy production, just as he injects calligraphy elements into his animal paintings, thus creating a mixer of both. Therefore, when viewing his calligraphy works, people may as well feel they are enjoying a kind of painting. The traditional boundary has been shaken.

As the Chinese saying goes, “Calligraphy and painting have the same origin”. This has been exemplified and presented through Mr. Guo’s calligraphy masterpieces.

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  1. MagdalenaWolff says:

    I like the “old script” so much. Is it your own text or you wrote from an old sample?

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