Guo Xianzhong’s animal paintings have overturned the Chinese painting’s convention technically and created qualitative changes in its intension and endless expansions in its extension. He injects calligraphy elements into his paintings, combining the two seamlessly and achieving the highest simplification without borrowing any western techniques. He personifies the animals under his brush, expressing human psyche through animal bodies, a style completely different from the traditional Chinese norm.

Mr. Guo’s crane and monkey paintings offer a feeling of universality instead of endemicity, with a spirit parallel to universe and nature, confined to nothing and originating from nowhere.

7 Responses to “Animal”

  1. Truly love your craft and the way you express it – much admired.

  2. KellyGirl1 says:

    Great form! I love the simplicity.

  3. Ge--nia says:

    This is wonderful! how you obtained the image of the monkeys with the two colours is surprising as you see real monkeys in front of you :3 i adore it!

  4. Moonbird9 says:

    This is just incredibly beautiful.

  5. *Pen-Fox says:

    Your work is just gorgeous, really amazing! 🙂

  6. Zachary says:

    Good! I like the monkey is the king. And I think it have a condition there is no tiger!

  7. robert Gadate says:

    Great work of Art. I hope you can exhibit here at Sydney.

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