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Renowned Chinese artist Guo Xianzhong (郭显中)'s solo art exhibition is scheduled to be held at Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum between 16 Oct. (Tuesday) and 20 Oct. (Saturday) 2012. Mr.…read more

Guo Xianzhong's landscape paintings combine western and eastern painting techniques to create a colorful, passionate art world, full of life and energy. The usage of thick hue and strong contrast…read more

Guo Xianzhong's animal paintings have overturned the Chinese painting's convention technically and created qualitative changes in its intension and endless expansions in its extension. He injects calligraphy elements into his…read more

Guo Xianzhong's calligraphy works is a giant step forward from conventional Chinese ones, which are way more conservative. People are amazed at how deviant and wayward his style is, while…read more

Guo Xianzhong's publications for the last 20 plus years, including painting albums, postage stamps, magazines, pictorials, etc. You may send your email to if you wish to obtain some…read more

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